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We are a family-owned and operated company in Austin, TX. We offer real Bone Broth made with love from our family to yours. We believe it should be easy to provide wholesome, healthy food for yourself and your loved ones. We strive to create simple, whole foods.  

Traditional slow-cooked broth is becoming a lost art. Most broths offered today, even the best ones, are not much more than flavored salt water. It's Food! cooks our broths in the traditional way, using quality ingredients. Our meat products are supplied by local, ethical ranchers. We take the time that most can't, to slow-cook our Broths for 24 to 72 hours. This ensures that you receive all of the amazing health benefits a good broth has to offer. It's Food! Broths take an often overlooked ingredient and turn it to a Superfood, that enhances every meal. 

Try the difference our Broth can make today! Please like us on Facebook for all the current information and locations to find us.