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It's Food! is family-owned and operated in Austin, TX. 

Karen, founder of It's Food!, discovered the lack of fresh, prepared, and quick products available. She has a busy life as a Casting Director, owning Casting Works LA in Austin, Texas. Having an unpredictable work schedule, she felt it was important to have wholesome, great tasting foods easily available after health issues she'd had. She felt it was important not to treat the life changes she made as a "Patient", but as a thriving person making wise choices for her health. She then discovered the benefits of bone broth and what a crucial dietary staple it is, so she took that idea to the creation of It's Food! 

Alexis has always had a love for fresh, quality food prepared in a healthy and wholesome way. She began her love of cooking as a teenager and spent the following years honing her skills. The importance of healthy eating became an even more concrete philosophy after the birth of her twin girls, Emma and Lila. Alexis firmly believes in the healing power of natural, unprocessed food. After helping her mother, Karen, go through health issues and surgery, Alexis realized the need for the bioavailable form of nutrients in Bone Broth. She hopes to ensure availability of broth to anyone in search of it. 



Ashley has long been an advocate for an organic, natural lifestyle. She values "Let Food be Thy Medicine and Medicine be Thy Food" as the literal way to "Live Long and Prosper." She is always seeking knowledge of methods to bring fresh, nutrient-dense food to everyone while caring for her family. Ashley is the organization of It's Food! She will ensure that all of your questions are answered, orders and needs are met. 



With special thanks to and help from husband and father Currie, Brandon and Nico.




Karen Hallford, Owner


Alexis Mavromatis, Culinary Department and Business Management

Ashley Hallford Romo, Management Support